Thursday, April 23, 2009

"V IS FOR VINTAGE" Part of the Process

Part of the Process

At the top, you see the final scan below it,

and the first scan
of the Alphabet Journal Page "V is for Vintage"
I don't always do this, but just feel like it
sometimes. Here I have scanned
a first look at the colored with watercolor
pencils and applied with waterbrushes
journal page to "study" and
make decisions about how I will
finish it and liven it up with my watercolor
pncils and waterbrush.......
You may agree that the original scan
looks weak in color and values..
well, that's what I think
because I like the final
to have more punch...
Buying this old scrapbook in
my old home town was so
exciting to me--who made it and
what her life was like will remain a
mystery that I can imagine what
I like about.....

So far. in my Alphabet book.I have

done C, B, and S---now the V thinks this'll take awhile.

It's cool not to have someone breathing

down my neck to hurry up :-) and

of all horrible things, trying to edit what I do.

At my age I can enjoy more I think.


Maggie Scheibe said...

What a great idea! Gosh I just love the way you layout your work on the page, Winna.

Sandy said...

I agree totally, but my scans are often weaker than the actual so I have to up the contrast - but as you show, the final punch makes all the difference. Cool idea to do the alphabet, that would be a great challenge (long term)

Ann said...

I'll do that too sometimes - scan a work to evaluate on the screen before putting in the finishing touches. Sometimes I will notice things in the scan that escaped my attention when I was working on the piece.

This is wonderful as always! I'm looking forward to more of your alphabet series - but no pressure :)

Margaret Ann said...

This will be a wonderful collection! :) WooHOO! :)