Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Spring mate hunt is on!

A Robin photo from my brother came today
and I could not resist taking it
to PSP8 and playing with it---
the bird guy looks so bursting
with song and it shouldn't
take long for him to
attract a mate--above you see
a photo I took of one of the nests
they built last year on
my front porch amongst
a small collection of
bells...some visitors
like to ring them all
one after another---which
really gets my attention...


Carolyn said...

Don't birds build nests in the oddest places. The other day my husband went out to begin planting his garden. He picked up a plastic watering container to fill it with water and it rattled. Thinking a snake was inside, he immediately dropped it...instead, a little egg fell out and cracked. Some very industrious wrens had built a nest and laid their eggs inside.

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful story Carolyn--I'm so happy to have you relate it!!! Now that would be a great journal entry---I think the birds are rebuilding in the bull's head with the stray grassy pieces lying under it on the porch. I guess they forgot that last year it was way too close to the front door that kept opening which hd the mother bird in a tizzy...winna

Pea said...

beautiful pictures!!you have captured the beauty & essence of Spring!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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