Tuesday, December 30, 2008


(Below is what it says in the small print)

We see our face, head on, each day
and others see us from all angles
we never can see--all so different
looking---photos show us these
differences so we know they exist
but we still view ourselves as
what we see in the mirror when
we brush our teeth etc.


The penciled profile was done with

mirrors and a photo---time I think

was about 20 minutes

versus 7 minutes for

the penned front view.


Spinneretta said...

Great job! I have to admit I would never have though about doing different angles... self portraits for me are nearly always a 3/4 view of sorts :) And as for the pen- I am not ready to do ME in pen ;)
well done!

Spinneretta said...

Thanks for commenting on my garden blog :) Yes, the figs are ready to eat right off the vine- I picked and ate that one in the photo with my daughter :) We're hoping for more this coming year!
Glad you enjoyed the photo show :)

Lynn said...

Well done, Winna! I always enjoy your drawings, and commend you on going lead-free! Have a great New year.

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