Thursday, December 4, 2008


While trying to clean out the room a bit I came
upon lots of old sketch books and slips of ideas.
Here's one from 1997 that was a design idea for the
back of a sweat shirt--I still think it's a good
idea and would buy one today. I know I
could have painted it on but never wanted to
spend the time involved. Today I would redesign and
have my moleskine journal and
sketching supplies be prominent.
I'm busy on several
pages at the moment so I haven't posted lately,
but have been enjoying what others have
been showing---I haven't got the new "book"
yet---and am still being calm about it---
but sort of chomping at the bit, a bit.


Anonymous said...

I really like this, too bad it never got to be on a sweat shirt., does look like a lot of work. Isn't nice to find something you have entirely forgot about!!!

Anonymous said...

yes, it is good to find something I acturally like I did years ago---there's a lot I toss out--mostly old patterns I made for classes go to da dump...IF they are taking up space and I never liked them anyway--winnajill

freebird said...

I think it's fun to come across a picture from the past. Sometimes you wonder what the heck made you draw it and other times you remember quite clearly and you enjoy it all over again.

christine said...

I love the two little birds on the top of the backpack — sweet and unexpected!

Anonymous said...

when done, the birds would make it look more dimensional standing on top with their shadows on the pack--good design ! The Unknown Commenter

Anonymous said...

Freebird, is this a recent
photo of you? You look like my neice that got married last year and climbed Macho Picchu on her honeymoon---

freebird said...

Oh my, that picture was taken hmm, well 5 years ago now. I just found a decent new one - guess I'd better update but boy the gray has caught up with me. What a difference between 50 and 55!

Amber said...

That would be a really good idea, because there are now a ton of shirts out that have many different designs on them. Mainly I see vests on the shirts, to give the appearance of someone wearing a vest. You could've made millions off of this in 1997.