Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inked Self Portrait EDM #56

This was the most scary
EDM Challenge I've tried yet.
And lead free using Pitt M pen
---was that ever brave for me. I did it just
now to "get something" up in the Blog-
---I had an email saying someone was
worried about me as I hadn't posted
in a while--I felt honored to
be worried about for a few minutes
and then
got the mind set to do something
really fast for the blog while
I worked out my book pages
which are not so quickly done.
Naturally I have left out a few
73 year old wrinkles but I think
it resembles me somewhat--not sure.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! So glad to see that you are alive!!

Waiting... said...

Very nice and brave indeed!

john.p said...

Hats off to you, Winna! It came out great. And I know how you're driven for a polished final result, so I know it wasn't easy to let go. Maybe some day I'll try it, but not today. I DO like how fast I get a finished product, though, when I go lead-free. It's addictive.

Anonymous said...

John, I think my eye has improved a lot getting into drawing again on EDM, instead of teaching painting---this sketch took maybe 7 minutes---and it DID feel good to like what I did in such a short time---I guess I am a Bi/Sketcher in todays lingo. For now anyway. I can't vouch for the what's down the road...Winna

Kathleen said...

Great sketch - I think self portraits are the hardest portraits to do -

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