Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another chair photo for my collection

How I wished the white cat over to the
top right had been sittin on
the chair
--the photo would have
been more charming.
Something like this scene,
catches my eye as a moment
in time to be preserved for some future
sketch I may want to do. It does say
things if you look and listen--could this
be the tag end of a yard sale or aftermath
of a dispute---it does make me feel good
to be just driving by....and out of town
...this yellow VW I drive is soooo


Anonymous said...

Hi Winna!

In response to your lovely comment over at my Porch:

I read your earlier post to the EDM group about not receiving much encouragement from your family, and I have to say, given your beautiful artwork, I am so surprised. Their loss!

Thank you for your encouragement. I agree: Even if we cannot right now see the purpose in how life unfolds around us, it all works out for the best.

Something you said, struck me deeply: that you were always an artist from early childhood on. Taking ownership of that identity is important, and something I haven't quite done, because I still think: "Who? Me?"

Thank you for taking care to stop by and help me think!

I absolutely LOVE your artwork and your photos, in fact the previous Christmas card chair is just perfect for this week's red & green playdate! Beautiful! =)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I think some man... crossed the line here... she won't tolerate his ratty old recliner one second more... I too love thinking up stories to go with my photos or even sometimes the people I see in the car next to me in traffic... us humans are an interesting bunch aren't we?

Anonymous said...

these comments today are so makes me ponder and grateful and the other had me smiling all the way through! Winna

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! I don't feel sorry for the owner of that chair, he should have know better., lucky for him his chair is still a bit usable, he can cart it off on that old snow board.

Amber said...

That almost looks like the swap shed.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the cat caused all the "mess" and now, as cat do, has wandered off to find a new place to sleep.