Monday, December 22, 2008

How's It Look?

The first snow around here, really started
one night then through the next day making the
outside look like one huge Christmas Card
(this is what I see past the
fence, when I open the front
door) and seemingly halted shopping,
that needed doing, what with all the
things involved with get togeathers etc.
so, today when it calmed down, for
awhile anyway, it was run to the
store to get every possible
thing I could think I might need.
I'm all set now for the
festivities and now missing not getting
into a sketch---but did think alot
about the new Glass challenge...
I just opened the front door and saw the
ending of the days' final glow on the fence
and ran for my camera to catch this once in
a lifetime moment---it's like it is showing
me it's new dress and asking if I like it.


Margaret Ann said...

Both photographs...absolutely charming!!! What a lovely homesite! :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect snow for Snow Angels!!

Anonymous said...

Both of these photos are very familar to me, seems like a long time passed!!!
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

You're right, what a once in a lifetime moment to see and capture this....what a wonderfully gifted lady you are, Jill!
Pat M.

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