Friday, December 5, 2008

The Great Napkin Debate

I'm telling ya, a book can be done

on the lowly napkin---I did not

begin to scratch the surface of Napkinry

and my head was swimming with

sketches I'd not have the time to

do, without a signed meaty contract

for same. And this does not

even include the silverware---this spread got

started with a remembered heated debate

with my grandson (which at the time

got laughed about)on how he thought napkin was

pronounced . His mother's baby

talk had remained for continued

use, in his brain.....

as can happen. I know when

speaking to a cat, I still use my

mother's baby talk.....I can't be

alone in this......can I ?


Owen said...

"Napkinry" - love it.

Anita Davies said...

Fabulous spread!
I still prounounce leonade...'lemoliade' when talking to my 10 year old. LOL!

sharon said...

i love this spread! and what a funny topic--

Ann said...


Indigo said...

Loved this ... really takes me back to the alternate pronunciations we lived with when my own kids were little. Kind of missed them as they grew older.

...and I have to say, you have some of the most amazing lettering. Nice work as ever.

freebird said...

I didn't realize the size of this journal until I saw your hand beside it! Great spread.

My daughter and grandkids love to see my journal. It helps that I had my granddaughter take Jessica's drawing class with me. They are the only ones though. My husband likes it that I make our Christmas cards or gifts but he otherwise considers me to be wasting time. How can I make nice cards if I don't get to practice? Of course, he's one of those people who just does things and they work out without all the practice. I saw your query about who cares about your art over on the EDM site but I was a bit late to those messages so thought I'd share here. It really is great to have this group plus LTJ group.