Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sign of Store Doom

Here's an unleaded Mall scene from Taco Bell's
lot---I always have my small Moley with me and
often do a pencil sketch I work up later---this is
one of a few raw ink sketches I've done which
I don't like to do--but I saw the store
going out of business sign and know
there are many stores in the same foxhole. The
pen seemed right tool to use at the time
as it does improve my
sketching eye---which is a good thing.
However right now in December 2008 I do
not feel comfortable going unleaded. I've
many sketch books from the past and
have found the use of
the watercolor pencils
suits me to a T


Rachel H said...

I just love everything you create your composition and spacing and the way you lay your drawings out is just beautiful - there's something so hypnotic about your style! Lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

Seems to be sign of the times "going out of business", keep your pen handy, just bet you could fell your sketch pad!!!

Donn said...

Like the color of the pages of your sketchbook. Very nice job of the sketch with watercolors.

seesue said...

Hurrah for you, pulling out the 'big boy' pen. Your sketch is delightful. Scarey times but we'll all pull through together is what I'm hoping.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Cool drawing/painting! I like the free, loose feeling. You've captured the scene well.

caseytoussaint said...

What a great blog! This is my first visit - I really enjoy the way you use color and set up yur pages.

vickylw said...

Great sketch! I usually use pencil first as well, then ink & eraser. But this looks wonderfully full of energy as is!

Sad to see businesses close; hope something else actually moves in and there isn't another empty building going to waste. (I hate when companies build new ones instead of making use of what's available.)

Monette Satterfield said...

Why do you not want to go unleaded? This is great! I'm glad to see it and hope for more.

Anonymous said...

Monette asked why I didn't want to go unleaded--and the answer is "The pencil then ink then color technique makes me feel happy doing it, the unleaded, doesn't." Winna

Anita Davies said...

Unleaded suits you Winna but then, your pages look wonderful whatever approach you use.
It has been a while since I used a pencil, my Lamy and I go straight in these days but it was a tough move to make at the time. There are a few benefits I have found; I'm not so precious with my journals since going unleaded and I know I learn more by having to select my lines carefully...most importantly though, I save so much time!
I'm comfortable and confident working this way now but it has taken time and there have been personal battles with allowing myself room for failure...hell, there still are! LOL!
Love your pages and thank you so much for your lovely comments, they are much appreciated! :)

Sherry said...

I imagine you could fill a whole journal with these signs of the times. I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable with sketching in pen. I tend to do my "eyeballed" ink sketches in my smaller, not-so-favorite sketchbook. Still there is a real appeal to the immediacy of an ink sketch. Brava!

Anonymous said...

I sure appreciate all the comments and enthusiasm. I find my unleaded sketches look pretty generic--and the other technique has a more personal look---that's my take anyway. It does not take less time for me---if I use color which I definately have the need to do. I also find it fun to research things and learn more about some subject such as snakes or tigers, I never would have, if I hadn't felt I wanted to know more about what I was including in a spread. Like the thrill of the hunt is involved ! The sketch is afoot and so on.... Winna

Anonymous said...

I finally got the front yard cleaned up...see previous posting of porch. This took me quite a while, as you can image. I got rid of a lot of stuff and now I'm ready to redecorate. So, I'm off to Linen and Things before they close. Thanks for the photo of my house and the all the other art work.

Jules said...

Winna! Another scrumptious page! As Rachel has already said, Your composition and layout is fab!

purplepaint said...

I love this!!! You make the normal boring parking lot scene so interesting!!! I love all your notes and your style!