Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10 2008 Thursday
Change of pace here with a black and white of the acrylic paints I like best to use-----I found that one brand seems to work like the other with an extreme price difference and both are made in the same area. Something in my favor! I started using Acrylics way before they were "in" and taught myself with a book while I did canvas paintings. It took at least 20 years before I saw a wonderful Artist, James C Christensen use acrylics--I took classes with him in 1990 and 91 at the Scottsdale Art School in Arizona. To see him use some of the same techniques I'd stumbled on was an eye opener for me. I'll always be grateful to him for reving up my imagination then and forever.


Lauree said...

I like to hear about what you use to paint with---I always wanted to take classes with you

Wm Harris said...

Do you ever paint with oils?