Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"That's What I'm Talkin Bout ! "

extra for 1 29 08

I must have extreme sharp ears, for if I am up and about, I will hear the tiniest sound outside, even if I am at the sink washing out a few dishes.
I thought it was a mouse, that came in from the fields rather late in the season-- out in the front hallway----instantly, I am terrified of this intrusion and just pray he goes back to the field---then my curiosity gets the best of me and as I near the hallway I hear the same noise on the other side of the door---ah HA!---someone is out there obviously trying to be quiet---I will surprise them! Too late, they are in their car but I see it's thoughtful Mary---who has left me a red envelope with small red treasures in it. What a delight!--She's the first to do this except another friend brought me delicious red cranberry horseradish sauce, which will soon be gone without a trace of red remaining....each one of these items is special and conjures up "stories" to me. I had a time opening the lighter---to see what it was---a souvenir from a long ago New Years Eve at the Fairfield Inn back when smoking was a way of life and they probably had live candles at each table for the guests dressed in their finery. Notice the fellow lighting two cigarettes at once---one for his starry eyed date. He is anxious for the clock to strike midnight... ohhhhhh, what is that whistle for the Reds item??????

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scus said...

Looks like you might have inspired a few of us to look for red's. I enjoy your imagination very much. Keep it coming!!!