Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chair Scene Investigation

Jan. 17 2008
An old chair can tell it's story if you investigate all the clues.
Id' say this was not Archie Bunker's favorite chair as the cushion says a
a lighter person sat here and the color would not be to his liking.
Where it is worn where the head rested can give us the highth of the person who sat here many hours with perhaps a pet cat that
often sharpened their claws on the chair. The marks where the back
would have rested show they might have worn a back pack a lot. I saw this chair yesterday and it screamed "take my photo"---I'll use it in some project someday.


Scus said...

Certainly would not be my pick for a chair, but somebody loved it, might have been only the cat!!!!

Amber said...

When looking at this chair, my investigation says that the person might've been skinny but their left butt cheek was definitely bigger than the right because of the wear and tear on the cusion.

Winna said...

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Quilter Pal said...

Well, now that I have figured out how to write a comment on your blog you may be sorry.

I think the chair belonged to Edith not Archie. The reason one chair mark is small is because poor Edith never got to sit still long enough to make a last impression.