Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5 2008
Wicked cold out so I am in, along with a disk in my
back insisting I lie down flat---it really puts a kink in my creative plans of working on the new assemblage, but forces me to rest , something I usually find hard to do.
The photo above of a friend's Shell Room is a reminder to me
of fun time with a friend or two. And of course the beach walks
I've taken in my life, which I would rather do than lie on a blanket trying to tan. Rob has managed with his elegant (My grandmother used that would allot) arrangements--all of them could be paintings.
All day I will hear the work being done on the old farm property with logging equipment. a reminder of the farm tractors working the fields when it was a dairy.
I bought some more Lock &Lock boxes for my art supplies that might dry up when stored. That would be markers, inks,all kinds of pens, glues of all kinds, ink pads, dyes, paints---I wish I had known long ago that they are the best---so now when I need a dab of Rubber Cement, it'll be ready to use.
Well, back to the bed in the living room that has enough pillows tossed on it to to not look like what it is---an old, but electric patient bed that is very comfortable and feels better than being in the back bedroom during the day.

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Amber said...

This looks great, it almost looks like you set this up for a wedding magazine for decorations for a sea-side wedding. I love shells and stuff.... I went to Linen's N Things the other day and got a ton of plates shaped as Shells on Clearance, I couldn't pass them up!