Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Wed. 1 30 08

These grapes can not be helped in any way to taste good----wicked sour and the only way to know this, is to try one at the produce counter--I think the store should be proud of what they offer and encourage the taste test---after getting ripped off with such fruit, I take a long time buying more from that store---then give in, thinking they must have improved their selections --and guess what?----still offering poor fruit----I often take such things back, but the meal I bought them for has past without them...we ought to get paid for our time spent, gas and distress--- at least I got some photos!


scus said...

I have noticed the price of grapes lately, they should at least taste good. Even though you did not eat them, you put them to good use and what better way than in your blog. As always, great imagination!!!!

EJM said...

Always like your views!