Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year New Me

January Day Four 2008

Been along time between blogs---but here's a new Year and I feel it's going be a special one. I'm glad I made it this far, still painting and learning new creative ways to express myself.

Here is my latest painting, "Three Old Queens, A House, A Lady and An Artist" which is in the process of my new wave of thoughts that say, "Hey, your work can be what you want---bigger and better----just do what you love the most....make an assemblage with the 8" by 10" canvas." It amazes me that I haven't been doing this for years. No, I have managed to wait to be 72 and then it dawns on me---well, that's the way the ball bounces and was supposed to, for me. I had just gotten sick of how bulling and huffing and puffing, reaching, moving and in general exhausting myself to paint larger. This old Queen Ann house is in Manytowns, USA, I know, but really this particular one is in Auburn Maine where I grew up. The Queen is a youthful look at an old Queen and the "me" (Queen of My Life) is there in every brushstroke and equal amounts of look/thinking . Above, also you see a work completed, called "Honk" with loads of symbolism created in the assemblage.

I'll be blogging regularly as I can make it---and show the progress of The Three Queens plus other looks into the Ways of Winna (how my work is signed.)

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