Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not Speaking ?

I always stop at Orphan Annie's
in Auburn Maine and this time I
was two days early for the great
antique Halloween display they
have each year. This dolly seemed
less scary then some of them that
stare at you with vacant eyes. I think
she and Ted had a spat and he has
been sent to the porch with no tea.
I loved imagining scenarios when
playing 'dolls'--either this kind or
the paper ones--it was such a thrill to
have my Mother bring me some new ones
when she went shopping overstreet. That
would mean going over
the bridge from Auburn
to Lewiston on the bus
where there were more stores.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how special this doll was to some little girl a few years ago??? How lucky to have a mom who when shopping overstreet to bring you home something special!!

Anonymous said...

From the look on dolly's face I would say someone slipped something into her tea cup.
P.S. I too loved paper dolls!