Monday, September 15, 2008

"The Great Escape"

A journal page with a 5 by 7 Eastport gulls,
window and Sumac piece done for a
Paint Eastport auction at the end of the day--I signed up and
did this page on the wrong day
---HAD to be done on Saturday
---rules to be followed etc---so I got
up really early on Sat. to do
another one featuring
an Eastport Pirate as it was the
Pirate Festival weekend. I could
imagine the talk about how
I didn't follow the rules might
require the town to run me out of
town tarred and feathered. Probably
would have been on the TV! The "Argh"
one sold and that was a good thing
to come of it all---some of the money
went to the Arts Center and I liked
the idea of "hanging around" Eastport.
Don't forget, that left
clicking on the
photo brings it up bigger
so you can read it better.


Anonymous said...

Arrr-matety. I'm mighty glad you can't follow the rules. Those gulls were mighty handsome....and they taste good too. But a pirate theme is more fittin' for a sea dog like me.
Captain Jack Sparrow

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you didn't follow the rules so everyone would know that certain artist!!!, you will certainly be remembered in that town. Very lovey sketch, even if it wasn't signed, I knew it would be yours.

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!