Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guess where I went

This looks like a wagon for each of my
children---why they could
have a race down Hydeville hill
over Route 19 and
half way home...I recall the little
dickens and their pranks----it was
quite the time raising 5 of them...!


Anonymous said...

I bet they did it with their sled too! I remember growing up by a big hill with a lake at the bottom. We would slide down and onto the lake, hoping we wouldn't fall in. If my mother ever knew!
You would never do it today since the area is so built up & the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Also reminds me when my kids were little., it was a great time in my life. Even my grandchildren are past the wagon stage., almost makes me feel grownup!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was me.
scus. :)