Monday, September 22, 2008

High Tide High Sign

Below is Day 5 of the Eastport Art Journal using
the 2nd photo taken where he
is giving me the thumbs up sign.
1st photo below
Below you are looking down into
the Sylvina W Beal Schooner at low
tide by the side of the pier. I was surprised
to drive into the pier at some other time

and see the same boat at what must be high
tide---with a fellow sitting there... I hollered to
him to smile for me for a second shot and he did.
In the first shot you see with the fellow,
the boat is up even with
the pier---I imagine some stranger, not knowing
what he should know.....making fast his boat at
low tide with a taught rope might find
it upsidedown at high tide.


Anonymous said...

Great likeness to the man in the photo. He sure has a neat boat!!
Not that I know anything about boats!! Thanks for sharing your Journal.

Anonymous said...

That's not his boat--but he may help sail is the one that goes on on Whale Watches every day in tourist season. I went on one two years ago. They do sunset sails, too. A couple months ago on a sunset sail it went agound and the coast guard had to take people off and bring them back....I would imagine the crew will never hear the last of that episode. Jill

Amber said...

Its so awesome that he could have your name stitched into his hat so quickly :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day by the water!