Monday, June 16, 2008

Having lunch

Tuesday June 17th 2008

Oops, this waitress looks like she likes

her photo taken about as much as I do..

better tell the photographer not to put it

on her blog, it's a small world and

she would be banned from that place.
(I think I know what
she is saying to herself...)


Anonymous said...

I think she would like to throw the soda in your face !

Love Carla (from Cheers)

Anonymous said...

The napkin says Fullerton Inn, isn't there a song about Fullerton Mountain???
I just bet the waitress was not happy you taking her photo,like someone else we all know!!

Anonymous said...

As I recall our waitress in Keene, NH was none too happy with us either. Maybe because she had eaten some of the food that the place served in NH. I don't think that is soda, looks more like beer to me.

Anonymous said...

Do you think I ordered a Sam Adams with a STRAW? She's calling me the 'B' word don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I see you not only like a straw with your beer but also ice cubes!

quilter pal said...

he is part of the witness protection program...and you have blown her cover!