Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cat With Paper

Sunday June 22 2008
Yesterday, I went to Ellie's to meet
Debbie, Annette and Mabel who were
all connected to Ellie and
Sigh (shortened from Cydonia)
in someway when Ellie decided she
must own Sigh. This was great company
and a delicious lunch. I have come
to the conclusion that
soft white cats are difficult to photo for
details, but easier than Black ones.
I have altered this photo till I liked
the painted effect which seems to suit
the soft fur. I also eliminated
background kitty toys and
people feet. Sigh loves paper
to tussle with as most cats do.


Anonymous said...

Just a pretty cat, hope she appreciates your efforts to get a perfect photo of her.

Anonymous said...

It's like taking a picture of a big cotton ball as far as details go !