Monday, June 30, 2008

Edgar On The Edge

Tuesday July 1st 2008
When I went down cellar this am to photo

old textures found in such underground places

I saw something fly by the stairs.

I was now cautious about perhaps

a vampire bat lurking down

there, ready to

go for my throat. I saw nothing and

assumed I'd imagined it, till

I went over by the rusted oil tank and

then heard a small bird frantically flying

on the inside window ledge.

Well, camera in hand I took several

shots and returned upstairs for

another camera with a different lens.

I thought for sure my luck would be, that it

would go out whatever way it got in.

No, it was still there willing to perform

it's almost macabre ledge dance. After

thanking it for being a once in a life

time model under these circumstances,

I struggled to push back the

medieval bar on the door and left

it opened for Poe's (I named him)

escape. He'll be free now in the

big world and on his own.


Anonymous said...

The bird was there only for you to photograph, knowing very well that he would make it to your blog!! He has been telling all his friends of his experience and the kind lady with the camera who helped him escape, only after getting her photos. :)
Great photo, again!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fan Dance or Life on the LEdge

Gail said...

I can't think of one other person that would venture into the deep dark rescesses of the basement with a camera. Poe was meant for you to photograph...exquisite...and release.

Anonymous said...

Jill, going to your site is like getting a breath of peace and relaxation. I find such a calming energy that is filled with beauty and appreciation for all that is. You afford me the pleasures that I don't have the time to see, don't take the time to see or simply don't notice. Your acute sensitivity to surroundings and your sense of value as well as your sense of humor is par excellent. I wish I could truly express to you how much your art and how you "work" it means.