Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't Go Downtown

Tuesday June 24 2008
Spotted this chicken in the Springs today.
He may stay awhile, you know, till he's
full. So lock your doors and wait a few days
before venturing down town.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw that same chicken today, at least I thought I did??!!! Glad someone else saw it, was beginning to think I was getting a bit senile. :) You are very good with the camera and computer!!!!

Anonymous said...

To prove he wasn't chicken Colonel Sanders walked across the bridge.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten some reports of him chasing cars up and down Main Street and scratching the paint off as he jumps from hood to hood. Stay home !!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks magnificent. Is this the chicken that cried the sky was falling or is the chicken that eats little children?

Debby said...

Yikes! I'd hate to have to clean up after HIM!