Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blushing Betty

Friday June 6 2008
Tonight I went to a class at Inspiration Station
on techniques inspired by Tim Holts.
We did about 6 different ones and two card size
results of all the learned things. I
am one rotten student in most any class
I take as I get so concentrated on what I'm
doing I miss the next steps ...don't hear
a word the instructor says etc. ...I am
better at teaching than learning ........
whatever that may conjure up in the annuls of history.
I depicted the girl in the card blushing quite
a bit and I suppose
that is provocative.


Anonymous said...

My, that face looks embarassed---was there some hanky panky discovered beneath the pier when the tide was out?
I don't imagine anyone is actually going to receive this card after all the stress of making it in a class?? If so, mail it to
me ASAP.....
Victoria Holt

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she was just red in the cheeks, becuse you were not paying full attention!!!!