Monday, June 29, 2009

"This Much !! "

Lesson 6--I tried a new paper
for the first time...
Legion Folio Tea Stain--it did receive
the watercolor pencils better and
smoother spreading but the surface
is quite a bit softer then the
Moleskine and harder to erase--
so you have to watch the pencil
pressure. I used pencil, Pittpens,
waterbrush, white Gesso. liner brush,
round brushes, UHU glue stick etc
---I glued the page into the Moleskine
and also the large lettering at
the top--so I could fiddle with
the placement. I am a Wallace
and Gromit fan and have a small
figurine collection--that's my
favorite old tea pot, faded pincushion
and beautiful roses I bought myself


Rhonda said...

Your composition is always fantastic as well as the art work. Wallace always makes me smile too. Great Job!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Looks like interesting paper, Winna! And I'm glad you and Wallace are having a good time...

Claire M said...

Another wonder combination to look at!!

Margaret Ann said...

FAbulous Winna! :)

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant spread - I do so enjoy your pages.

Benedicte said...

An other interesting paper!
your blog and art are really good,
thank you for your comment on mine.
I responded, for the TerraSkin rock paper:
Winna, you can get infos here, where to buy it
at least for Canada.

Anonymous said...

Winna, Winna, Winna, what can I say. I just viewed your site after being away from it for a while. Page after page just amazes me. How you see the world, how you arrange the parts, how you lead us to your world...fantastic!

Ash said...

I really like this one,It really shows off your creativity.

Danette said...

wow!! amazing, the tea pot with the roses are my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

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