Friday, June 19, 2009

"Only Two Petals Left"

The rain drops fall on the delicate Wild Rose

petals. They will fall off with a push from the field winds.

This is my Maine Ruga Rosa that so profusely blooms by

the coastal areas. It's scent is heavenly and later in

the Fall the pump rose hips grow right in the middle

where the petals were. I made Rose Hip jelly one

year that tasted rather medicinal. It was not a hit

with my family nor I.....



Rhonda said...

I love this. The water drops are fantastic. Great work!

Peachtreeart said...

It sure looks like I can see a little girls face in your flower...lovely!

Anonymous said...

I see it too, reminds me of an angel with a big star halo, tossled hair and pink sleeves ..... winna

Deborah said...

How great that you leave them to get big rose hips. My gardner dead heads mine. I hope you sketch the rose hips too.

Sherry said...

What an evocative posting! These wild roses used to bloom in the ditch by the farm when I was a child. Now I hardly see them any more.

scus said...

My favorite rose, rain drops one my roses too!!! Can you remember where you bought the rose bush and when???