Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Not The Dog I Thought She Was"

In this 5th class of 6, animals
were one of the subjects we could pick
to depict.
I made an error in describing this dog as
a Jack Russell terrier---then found out it is
an Italian Greyhound mix small terrier
Now the paws
MAY be a Border Collie's
I'm naming her Garbo and imagine
when her owner releases her she
will be off to the races!


deborah said...

I really like this, especially like kits paws..

Anonymous said...

deborah: I love that you said that ! winna

ale balanzario said...

I always like your paintings, and I should say, I also thought it was a Jack Russel.

Claire M said...

What a fun page - I love the collection of images and your description.

Alex said...

Super adorable! :)

Owen said...

Makes me smile.

Sandy said...

Ah Winna, another winner - Love everything about this spread and I would have guessed Jack Russel too - by looks and attitude ;-)
i wish YOU would give a journal class!

Revelle said...

Jack Russell's are so cute. I would have thought this was one too!