Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Rocks Around"

Done with watercolor pencils
for class where subject was rocks---any kind
from pebbles to the Grand Canyon. These
rocks were in a box upstairs under
a table until I had them thrown
under the rose bushes by the porch
where they probably feel better. Some
of my students bought them to me
knowing I would like them so they came
from all different places.


JJ said...

Your journal entries are so unique and fascinating! I love looking at them. The rocks look great.

Janice said...

oh Winna, you must love rocks as much as I do ... these are gorgeous. I like cacti too ... my BF said it's because I'm hard and spiky. You think?

your NeoEarth map is really intersting

nanke's stuff said...

Very nice, indeed. One of them reminds me of a Petosky Stone - unique to Michigan (I think). nancy

Jilly said...

Love the rocks, great use of subtle colours - a favourite subject of mine, too.

Jules said...

Oh Winna - as usual, just a lovely study! The colours are surper.

Danette said...

Wow!! Really beautiful!!

scus said...

Sorry I have been so quiet., but have had a lot going on here. Been checking out all your stuff and love it all., you still continue to amaze me!!!

Alex said...

This one gives off the feeling that the can of rocks are floating in the space, surrounded by Galaxies and Stars :)

Sarah Ketelaars said...

Great work from such simple subjects. The border adds such a nice colour - lovely.

Sue said...

Nice rocks. I love rocks!