Friday, June 26, 2009

"Just Us Chickens"

Only have one more week of class, where I have

done pages I never would have done according to

suggested subjects. Lesson 5 was

more or less, Fur, Feathers and Folks.
The smallest chicken here came to visit me

on my front porch from the neighbors up the road.

The big one lives at my daughters where

she has many free range chickens that are

harder to photo than the long legged one.

He is a Malay Rooster (in his cage....I changed

his color so he would show up) in a

huge New England Poultry show nearby.

Hundred of them all the colorful breeds

and the cream of the crop--all making their

clucks and cockadoodledos.. I felt I had

hit the jackpot for chicken photo ops....


This is pencil, pen, watercolor

pencil, bit of gesso and waterbrushes in a

Moleskine sketch journal.


Anonymous said...

just checking--I see this was not up when it was supposed to be..winna

Sally said...

I do love your chickens. I'm a real bird fan and yours can cluck in my yard anytime.

kazumiwannabe said...

This spread is awesome! It's beautiful, with fabulous colors and contrasts, and it's funny - cool combination : ) !

scus said...

Chickens seem to be a favorite of yours., None of Gail's in your sketch?? Still marvel at your art work!!!

Anonymous said...

Gail's are hard to photo in their screened in area---but I do like how well John madeit for her. Remember the ones we did around the pail with the egg border? ..... winna

nanke's stuff said...

Fun and well done! nancy

Anonymous said...

I love your stories that go along with each picture. You are so amusing!


"Joy" said...

I love them! Rooster & hen figurines are one of my favorite collections!

"Joy" said...
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Anonymous said...

I have no clue what that message about this post has been removed by the author means---wasn't me--
local people I sent this to that did not comment---and they know who they are---will not receive any more from me---sorry but it's like a cold stare....Winna

Gail said...

I think you are ready to publish again. The chickens are fabulous. You've capture the personality of a comingled range or not.

Jennifer Lawson said...

Great chickens Winna.

Anonymous said...

Each of your chickens has its own personality--no doubt about it. I love the big one's feathery feet.