Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scanned and Ready for Color

This is the first time I scanned (HP Scanjet 537OC)
a journal spread that is inked and ready to add color.
It did lie flatter then propping it up and
it did need adjusting in PSP 7 of the
edges and adding a black border...I see
it is sharp and will use this method to get
better results then I was. The book I just
finished making, did not have scanned work
and looks good--but scanning would have
made it better. Live and learn!


Anonymous said...

This looks really good - it is nice to see one of your drawings pre-colour. I look forward to seeing the finished piece.
I have been scanning my drawings lately and I think they turn out better than when I photograph the pages. My sketchbook has a spiral binding so scanning does involved some balncing acts with paperback books to keep everything flat and level!

Wendi said...

What a great sketch! You always have such nice composition to your pages. I agree, it is very interesting to see your work before you color it. I, too can't wait to see the finished page. What mediums do you use? Watercolor? Watercolor pencil, or colored pencil, or markers...? Or a combination?

Anonymous said...

I use HB pencils, Pitt pens, Faber Castell watercolor pencils, Kuretake Waterbrushes and usually that's all..for about 4 months now---thank you for your comments!...Winna

Sandy said...

Wow, a lot going on here, first - congratulations on scanning, I still have problems with mine. 2 - sounds like a cool class in collage and 3 - I love to see work in progress, your line work is so strong - and layout composition simply fantastic, and I can't wait to see the color. (and brave woman to head off toward Boston!

Anonymous said...

This was a trip before GPS----which is a lifesaver when you get used to it...I actually left early to have coffee and shop before I was more than an hour late to arrive at the right place in Pittsfield...the Boston traffic allowed me to get some shots I never would have gotten... it all works out somehow :-) Winna

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Great layous! I'll be back to see this with color. I wish I could make my photoshop-colored work look the same as the things I hand-color. (or that changes were so easy to make in my sketch book as in PS!!)

Anonymous said...

I don't use Photoshop--as it's not as user friend to me, as the old Paint Shop Pro 7---when you have no one to help yo, you need the easiest I think..Winna

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