Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coffeelogged ! EDM #206

Several items in the sketch
have other names in other places, I'm sure.

If the cook is really busy and has
lots of orders to fill--you may be
offered too many coffee refills. while waiting
for the meal to arrive. Then
again, this means taking a doggy
bag home and having the
main course again for supper, which
is usually a bonus if it reheats well.
I think in England they use the term
"cuppa"---Supper may be dinner in
lots of place, cook becomes chef in
better places, main course
can turn into entree
and Doggy bag, well, there must be other
names for the leftovers taken home


harrybell said...

A "cuppa" is a "cuppa tea".

Anonymous said...

see, I had no clue it was just for tea...winna

rachelhoward said...

I'm not sure there is another word for leftovers! But we certainly don't have the free refill thing going on (not outside MacDonalds or TGI Friday anyway) so not too much coffee-logging going on.

Another term for a cuppa (tea) round Manchester way is a brew, as in "fancy a brew?"

Wow, Karen really started something!

Love your picture. Nice to see your heart nice and prominent this time. :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I've given you an award... visit my blog for details.

Ana Tirolese said...

Have I told you lately that I really enjoy your blog?

If I have not, then let this be a reminder that I REALLY ENJOY YOUR BLOG!


Kathleen said...

Winna I drink my "cup of Joe" with a precise measurement of sweetner and cream - I wish they wouldn't top off while I'm not looking because then I have to guess at how much of my fixings to add -

33 followers !!!!! Winna you are attracting a following - start a cult!

Oma3 said...

I love the background colors, did you underpaint the page before you did the image? Is this a moleskine book? Just checking, I love your work and your sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Thank you....I hardly ever underpaint as I use watercolor pencils and yes, Moleskine journals all the time..Winna

Owen said...

Tea. From someone who drank coffee, black no sugar for thirty years it's been something of a shock to family and friends that all I drink now is "a cuppa"

As ever, your drawings make me feel warm and happy, just like the sound of the kettle with the promise of something good to follow.

MILLY said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time. Your drawings do capture little moments in our lives. It would be a cuppa, but the pot of tea would give lots of "top ups", keeping the tea warm.

Anonymous said...

When you take lefovers home and have them for supper it is called "lupper"!!!
Enjoyed your sketch!!

Cecelia said...

Do you know that, there are places here that will not let you take your leftovers home! You can, but they charge you by the ounce to take your own food, that you already paid for, out! I was so angry at Thanksgiving when we went out to eat and I got sick at my stomach and couldn't eat more than a bite of food. I asked for a take out container and was told that they would weigh my food and charge me by the ounce for all I took out! I told them to just keep their old food and we would not be back. Other places are doing the same thing. $15 for one bite of turkey and two sips of Sprite!

happyasalarktoday said...

You're just fantastic! Love it! Peeked at the rest and love it! Great stuff!! :)

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