Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mystery Woman?

Read below for the instructions on

responding to this posting. The "pretend"

group of about 7 (real) people

from all parts of the country

welcome anyone who wants to comment

Some of the

old Commentologists (fancy name to call

yourself after you comment)) have requested

a Vintage Photo be posted so they might write

about who they think this person is and what they

may have done etc. I am the editor of this

group of writers , but I see in this format. I will have

no control of your musings. Please be

prudent, creative and think

before you pen, er, type your comment

I own this old Cabinet photo so know it

is authentic and just fine to use.

(This amounts to a sort of fun

creative writing exercise)


Anonymous said...

Why,that's Belle Morgan over to the Broken Branch---she's not one of the favorites as she refuses to shave---she came to town last fall from a small town west of Lubeck.
Gramp Fullsome

Anonymous said...

Oh my, if it isn't the lady from our church social group. Would have recognized her anywhere. Her with that wonderful hair do, and beautiful hat. She is never seen without her chain and cross around her neck. But don't let that fool you, her with that phony smile., she is a huzzy of a woman., I know for a fact, caught her with you know who., shame, shame, shame.

Anonymous said...

why that's Elsie Krack from Mount Idy, she was the strongest women in town. She worked at the
Stop & Pee Sunoco station as the
car jack. She could lift the cars up so that a flat tire could be changed. I think she married
Leonard Box but it could have been
Wallace Swine.

Mary Plasse (Tarcho) said...

Well Lordy, Lordy I belive this is a photo of Edna Plank. Edna was one of eight girls, born to Louis and Velma Plank of Kalamazoo Michigan. The Plank Family made their money selling collection baskets to churches across the country. Edna and her sisters made the baskets by hand.The girls were known as "The Plank Eight"

Anonymous said...

II have not seen this photo in years.That is my Aunt Ida, she worked at Peevy's General Store.She was always late for work, Took her a looong time to curl her hair. Mr Peevy loved her. She kept a sharp eye on those young'ns at the candy counter while she measured out the yard goods for the women. She could stare down an owl, that woman, yes she could, nothing got past her Mr Peevy used to say. Those kids couldn't steal a thing with her there. She wouldn't have to say a thing, just GLARE!

Anonymous said...

Lordy, if this isn't Elmer Gosse, Jasper Falls famous cross dresser. Elmer was always a little peculiar as a young child. He refused to get his hair cut and was always in trouble for stealing someone's knickers off the line. Lordy, you couldn't hang your wash out for fear of seeing Elmer leaping the fence with your panties. I heard he ran off with the circus. Rumor has it he tried passing himself off as the bearded lady. He looks pretty clean shaven in this picture though.

Ana Tirolese said...

Why, that's Ella Mae, the town beauty. Never a finer young lady would you see. She has a whole line of suitors beating at her door, but she is always a lady. She and Bob Johnson are known to be courting and she had this photo made just before he left for the war. She is waiting for his return so they can be married by Preacher Brown. It is a heartbreak for all the other young fellows still in town for they would love it if she paid them some "how do you do". What a sweet and wonderful young woman...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw you had a picture of my aunt Butsy Ertl. She and her sisters used to help out at the Thornton Boarding House right off of Main St. doing cooking, cleaning and laundry. One day while she was there one of the boarders had an attack of appendicitis and she ended up assisting Mr. Grossnever the local doctor. They did the surgery in the kitchen right on the table. She performed so admirable that the Dr. encouraged her to go into nursing. She and the doctor established one of the first hospitals in CT right there in Stafford Springs. The took over one of the old mansions and converted it's kitchen into the surgery. It had 10 beds. Butsy never married but it was always suspected that she and the married Dr. Grossnever were lovers.

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