Friday, January 30, 2009

Ready To Use

Every Day Matters Challenge #208
is Draw "something out of place"..
The cold weather has kept me in a lot
lately so as I sat at the computer, I
noticed the perfume that's aways ready
to use..and I realized it is out of place
for many, but not me. I also wanted my
family someday to see the page and
remember this about me--for one
thing, how it was always a good gift
for Ma.....I loved how my
mother smelled when I'd
get a hug as she was a
perfume lover, too.

I felt the close
up did not show it was in this
room... so added the Moleskine
sketchbook which is always sitting
by the computer ready to use
just as the perfume is.


Peachtreeart said...

I love the bottle and the composition!

Spinneretta said...

I always consider what I want my kids seeing in my books too :)
And yes- that's out of place for me ;)

Junie and J said...

This is really well done. It looks great.

Sherry said...

Winna, I never thought about keeping my Chanel in my studio! You've created another interesting journal page, and let us in on one of your passions.

Anonymous said...

Love this one, especially your comment about your mom, remembering how she smelled when you hugged her. Great.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Me, too. Perfume and a Moley, always close by. Your journalling is very distinctive. Nice work.


Margaret Ann said...

Fragrance is such a powerful memory awesome the bottle and it's reflections1 :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully one of your kids will catch on that you are almost out!!

Anonymous said...

None my children look at my blog due to lack of interest and I might add, poor judgement....I will have to leave my trillions to my brother....Winna

Barbara Roth said...

I love how you add an interesting background and incorporate writing into your paintings.

amber said...

I love perfume too. Everytime before I leave the house I spray my perfume 10 times, and throughout the day I cover myself in it :) I guess it runs in the family.

quirkyartist said...

Nice to see the drawing of perfume. Something different. I went chasing all over town for a new perfume the day of my first sketchcrawl. Nobody had it. It was a limited edition and they were all sold out. I phoned around & managed to get one the following day. I meant to draw it, and I've kept the Christian Dior sticker to put in my sketchbook.

I also thought your bottle looked like DKNY which I also have. The one I found hard to find was Escale a Portofino.

Sarah Ketelaars said...

This is quite lovely - a really touching piece. i love it!