Saturday, January 24, 2009

EDM Wharfrat's Nemesis (draw a shell)

This is done in the pocketsize mini

Moleskine, with the book tipped sideways.

I loved this catagory and did two--Miss Kitty

developed because I wanted to put the

cut shell earrings on someone and always

loved this particular cat I got to babysit one

day and took about a zillion photos while I

had the chance. She's wearing some sort

of fantasy fluffy head gear and the border

developed in continuing the same type of

doodley line loosely representing sea foam.

You can check out the Echo Of The Dreamer

jewelry at this site:

where you click on The Artful Soul to see lots of

tempting things..I have the

earrings and a great bracelet...It's a mother and

daughter team that design them.


Anita Davies said...

Great earrings, great page!

Rhonda said...

I love this whimsical. Love the colors and the little rat/mouse at the bottom. I bet the earrings are beautiful in person. Thanks for sharing and also thank you for commenting on my blog, it helps me a lot.

Spinneretta said...

Beautiful! It IS whimsical- and the earrings are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Pretty Kitty!!!

Margaret Ann said...

Like this...very girly girly! :)

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Festive Ms Kitty, and clever too! I like your interesting combination of items. Too much fun!

Jilly said...

Love the way you've put your own whimsical "spin" on the challenge. Beautifully done!

Glitz Ink said...

i love this!!! so fun!

Sandy said...

Fabulous spread, this could easily be a book cover !! I will have to lookup your other album.

Anonymous said...

It would be rather catty of me to say this...but those earrings would look better on my cat!

seesue said...

The last (and catty) comment made me laugh out loud and I love your whimsical response to the challenge as well.
I think your pincushion pincushion is a great idea and that you should make some. Will your bumps be beads or french knots?

lyn said...

Beautiful work, continued success

Anonymous said...

I think you've created some form of new eastern deity there! I find it somewhere between cute and intimidating because of her serious face - interesting!

Really original - love it.