Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Shadow Walk

I think my neighbor and old friend across
the street would like being in this painting
She's wearing her favorite Aryn Poncho
(I underplayed the beautiful patterns
as the painting would become the
poncho and it was created as a tribute
to a friend now in the shadows
with the suffering of Alzheimer's.
Eastporters will recognise their Water St
buildings facing the Bay, bathed in the
sharp morning light...with shadows equally
as clear....as in life there are unsolved mysteries
with a knowing that can strengthen us....
God Bless You Patricia Spencer


Pat said...

What an awesome painting...I can feel it through and through - a great tribute to your friend...

Heidi said...

The ominous background of this is marvelous.

Lady Ann said...

As always, you've outdone yourself Jill! You show so many subtle layers of life and humankind in this living tribute to your many years of neighborly friendship with Pat. I know that Pat would love this piece as I do too and I'm certain that Lindsley will be deeply touched. I personally appreciate your ever-growing, unending imagination and artistry.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

What a lovely tribute... my best friend's Grandmother suffered from Alzheimer s... it is so hard to watch a person slip away... into a world of their own... leaving family and friends with no way to reach them. It is so sad..

Winna said...

I find the comments very emotional for me---how wonderful to have poeple share this way...winna

jay.me said...

this is a great piece,....so sad, a horrible affliction.

john.p said...

Touching...you speak eloquently with your brush. With your explanation it all ties together a loving tribute.

Sandy said...

How lovely, and such a gracious loving tribute - life ain't easy!

Anonymous said...

Alzheimer's--what a tragic disease that has or will touch us all in some way. Your painting is wonderful and so well named. It's an amazing tribute to a friend.

Dan Kent said...

This is an absolutely beautiful painting, and a wonderful tribute to your friend.

Lesley Purcell said...

This painting is just lovely, I can't think of a more moving tribute to a friend. Stunning.

Gail said...

Pat would love being part of this beautiful painting. You have captured her...body language, clothing et all. Love the colors and especially the dramatic lighting. I can almost smell the ocean. I have to say that I enjoy your insights to the creative process. It seems a privilege to know what spins the artist's wheels.

nanke's stuff said...

My mother had Alzheimer's, and this painting is so poignant and lovely. I love that she's the centerpiece of the painting and is so dignified looking. Very fine job. nancy

scus said...

How I love this painting!!! Now I wish there was a class so I could paint it. How wonderful that you have given your neighbor a tribute. Can remember her wonderful gardens and the horse peeking his head out of the barn window. Sad to hear that she is no longer herself !!!

empressamber9 said...

This is such a good picture of Pat. I'm sure Linsley likes this.

Anonymous said...


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