Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Purple Flash

On St. Patricks Day
I wore green rose earrings and a green sweater
and did not need to wear a jacket as we finally got
not only a sunny day but a warmer one, too.
I surprised myself by buying the most
beautiful purple potted Campanula
loaded with more
blossoms then I had ever seen and of course I
was there to buy ONLY strawberries and
a pkg of spinach for quite the salad with broiled
chicken strips and walnuts etc.
One would never know how I love the
color purple if you'd hunted with me
around here for some purple things to
photo by the pot. It sure was a scarce item but I found a
sweater for the backdrop and a light up ball
if you squeeze it just right, I thought the
photo would not work with it flashing
colors but voila!---got a shot I like.
I'm busy now on a painting with a ghostly
presence I felt in an old mill..Haven't we all,
if we get the chance to be inside one? !


Anonymous said...


Susan B said...

Wonder what mill you are thinking of. Thanks for the photos. They were great. Hope to see you on the next trip

Jules said...

Lovely, Winna! Looks almost like a collage of photographs!

nanke's stuff said...

This is very cool and the perfect set up for your flowers .... and that salad? Sounds absolutely wonderful!! nancy

Anonymous said...

beautiful noknee!

love amber

john.p said...

I think you have a boat load of blues and purples. Neat! I like how the statue's understated color range makes the colors snap out even more. There's a nice tension, too, between nature's colors and synthetic colors.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had on the song Purple Rain by Prince when you were creating this...or maybe Lavender Blue Dillly Dilly...??