Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Three Sleepy Kittens" EDM 185

Every Day Matters
Challenge 185
Draw A Cat
The three kittens are sleeping on top of one of those cat condos
and my brother took the photo. I liked the varied
positions and imagine it's obvious where a
patch was made on this one--in fact, to make
the design better and the other to hide details that
were confusing even if they were right. This
spread sent me out to another room to go through
my stuffed mittens draw, which seemed to have 99% gloves..
so I had to imagine the mittens.


Barbara said...

You have SO MANY nice pages in your journal!

Anonymous said...

Another triumph Winna! You have a wonderful imagination and that, laced with your sense of humour, makes for brilliant pages. Always a joy to view.

Jules said...

OOOh! WInna! What a lovely pile of cats!!! just the thing to inspire me this morning! As usual, your page is gorgeous - I love your colours and imaginatve layouts.

kazumiwannabe said...

They're too cute! Lovely christmas layout, very cute spread!

Terri Kahrs said...

Imaginative and whimsical! These little ones are sleeping so sweetly. This journal page is adorable!

Anonymous said...

around here we are dog people but there's no denying this is a wonderful piece. Taken as a whole your journals would be a treasure to see in person.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's only obvious since you told us about it - I just thought it was part of the design!

So cute. I wish I could sleep wherever I landed, like my cat can. :)

scus said...

Love this., Would have been a great class project.

Eleanor said...

I really wish I had this style you have. It makes me smile, and smile, and well, just happy. Lovely.

Sherry said...

Wonderful again. Put a little black jaw on that tuxedo cat and it could be my Bucky cat.