Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poker Night 1974

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EDM # 215

Draw your thumb

Poker Night, 1974

The Friday night poker games played

here back in the 70's were loaded

with joshing and tons of (gasp) smoke.

It was very entertaining to be within

earshot of their banter. They called

each other names when they lost and

chided one another during the game.

---the fellow in the sketch used to come

early and play cribbage with me

"for the donuts" he'd bring---when

I won I never felt I'd won all that much

as the donuts were for the players---but again it
was fun. Most of them are gone now

to the big game in the sky---I can

still hear them joking when

I remember those Friday nights.


Anonymous said...

As I expected - worth the wait! You have really captured 'character' here. What a great memory to record.

Gabrielle said...

As one might say, you've captured the moment. Wow.

Carol said...

I really like your take on the challenge. And what a great memory to immortalize in your moleskine.

Stephanie Dammer said...

This is a great page! I think you tied the whole thing together very nicely.

scus said...

Great drawing., bet those Friday nights are cherished memories!!

Margaret Ann said...

Perfect! :)