Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Rocks!

EDM No 119
Draw A Rock
On a nearby road, a stone wall emerges from
being covered with snow when the winds
blow..around here you can hardly
spit without hitting one of these walls.... so
unique and handmade. I noticed in this one,
they are all the same kind of stone--perhaps
granite---some walls have varied rocks.
I think when they are made from the stones
on the property they tend to be more the
same type---and when a contractor
builds them he uses all kinds for added interest.
At any rate, I love them all.


seesue said...

Cool framing job on this one Winna.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

This is just beautiful, Winna.

Sandy said...

Oh I love the rock walls of new england too - my town was established in 1639 so many of our paved roads are old carriage trails and lined with huge rock walls from many a year ago. In fact it is illegal to remove them without a permit. Love you intrepretatin here.

Owen said...

Spring, yes, mercy! Lovely spread, as usual.

Alissa said...

This scene is beautiful. Lovely crisp snow and colours. The building in the background looks good too. It is interesting to read about the history of the place in the drawings.

Beth Baxter said...

I like this a lot!

fishy_outawater said...

I love how you took "Draw a rock" and made something so creative out of it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to New England our natural resources include rocks, rocks, and more rocks. They make nice walls but poor farmland.

Sarah Ketelaars said...

Beautiful drawing.