Friday, February 6, 2009

Wilson The Rabbit

EDM #44 Draw a Stuffed Animal
This guy sits up so straight and appears
to be attentive in some manner---
You can pick him up and set him anywhere
and he looks like that's just what he
wanted. My son in law, Ga, jokingly
asked me if I talked to him and he
then had a name he hadn't had before.
" Wilson" like Tom Hank's Volleyball in
Cast Away. (Where Tom looked mighty
good with his wild hair after quite some
time cast away). I seldom speak to
Wilson, but do smile when I walk in the
room and he' looks comical friendly
sitting up straight, something the old time
school teachers used to harp on in the
Nobody has asked but I wonder if you know in
back of Wilson are some kitchen draws and over
to the left is base ray heat next to the floor.


Carolyn said...

I like your rabbit drawing...good work!

Owen said...

To not fell alone. Amen.

Jules said...

Oh oh oh! I Love your wilson !!! I have something similar that sits on my pillow - not a rabbit though!!!

Sandy said...

Love this little guy, you captured him with so much love!

Anita Davies said...

He's adorable Winna

scus said...

I love your "Wilson", we all need a Wilson to talk over stuff with. Will have to think about getting one for myself!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Wilson.. and also his story..

Anonymous said...

Wilson looks very wise and knowing, in a quiet sort of way. I'd trust him. :-)

Anonymous said...

Be careful I think Wilson watches you undress. You may want to put a blind fold on him!