Tuesday, February 3, 2009

EDM # 134 Unusual Angle of a Place Winna

EDM #134--
Draw a place in an unusual angle
This is the rectory where I was married
from the car leaning way over
in the front seat and shooting
up and out the window.....
thankful for no traffic at the time.
I liked the fall leaves, the
perspective of receding
space plus shadows dancing
here and there. The bird
started out as a yellow breasted one
but was lost from view until I added the
white breast against the darker roof.


Jules said...

this is a lovely companion piece to the one you put up yesterday - just lovely as always!

Ugly Scott said...

beautiful. it reminds me of the tops of tombs in new orleans.

Margaret Ann said...

Nice lines...and a beautiful perspective!

Ana Tirolese said...

This is wonderful, Winna! I really like it a lot. What a great idea.

vickylw said...

Most excellent!

Anonymous said...

Love this one as well. I like the addition of the tree - it makes you feel nice and high up!

Anonymous said...

This is great. I am doing rooftops in paintings at the moment.I did two paintings with the Matisse Dry Mediums. One here http://quirkyartist.wordpress.com/2008/12/25/coming-soon-matisse-dry-mediums/ but the other not photographed yet. You can see all the dry mediums here http://derivan.com.au/pages/matisse_dry_mediums_col.html

Now testing a new medium from Matisse with yet more rooftop paintings.

Anonymous said...

I much prefer this bird to the crow.... is it a before and after look on life?