Saturday, May 3, 2008


Sat May 3rd 2008
One of my small paintings I love for
how the cow looks special with that
star---I miss all our cows now and
wish I had good camera equipment when
they were around . Of course I took
a photo of her out of the car window,
and decided to leave the barn in the
scene to frame her head. She
appears in the mood to be
interviewed---what a mooving
experience that would be. In our
family we all had license plates
with Moo on them---the parents
(Francis and I) had Moo 1----
then there was Moo Too,
Moo 3, Moo 4 and Moo 5.
Well, I'll moove on now.....
see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Only my Hide Dresser knows for sure...I am not about to bellow my beauty secrets to all the herds---
Kisses, Kelsey Kow

Anonymous said...

Yes, we all have to moove on sometime or another., wonder what your friendly cow was thinking when you took the picture, he did not smile!!!! can't tell could have been a she.