Monday, May 5, 2008

Dad Tribute

Monday May the 5th 2008
Since this blog is for my children,
I am including the "Dad" set up
that I imagine they will appreciate.
I just so completely turned the
living room from what it looked like
(a nursing home) for years that
I felt the need to add this for them
In the many months it has been there
no one has mentioned liking it etc.
Ah well..........


Anonymous said...

What a special thing to do for the kids and the memory of Francis.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering since none of them look at my blog that I am aware of---that just maybe there's a chance none of them will care about the year long prints I have put into binders for them....if anyone is interesred then get to the Ding Dong Jill Is Dead tag sale to pick them up !---EJM