Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mary Cordelia Field Fowler

Sunday May 11 2008
I surely miss my mother and how
she cared about me. I think this photo
was her high school graduation photo...
The smaller
photo looks like her mother but
isn't. During her last three years
after her stroke, I would go to Maine
to be with her on Mother's Day,
which I felt my children did not


Anonymous said...

Once in a while I think "wish the folks could see this" but not that often. Dad didn't think photography was an ART thing, like what Jill does, and I'm not all that sure Mom saw me as a artist.
But back them it was a living how it is more an art for me.
O the baggage we carry.

Anonymous said...

Nice remembrance of your Mother on Mother's Day. I miss my Mom too, always brought her flowers on Mother's Day. Her favorite saying was "every day is Mother's Day"