Friday, May 23, 2008

Growing Up

Saturday May 24 2008

Here's a layer type collage technique I
kept trying to figure out this past week..
and finally got it to happen. This trial and error
education sometimes works. This is my brother
back in the 1940's with a family kitten.
I am working to get a job done for my class
reunion where I am to create a presentation
for the ones who have passed
on , which numbers ten. I am
doing ten special composites
which will have additions
of what was written in the
year book, like a memo, on
the composites of each one.
It is a sad job as I speak to each
one, but find it very worthwhile.
I'll have them laminated at Staples
and will make them into a presentation
book for all to look at and remember.


Anonymous said...

Good job, don't know how you can figure it all out!!! What a nice thing to do for your class reunion, and so much work. Just know it will be well appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Once you learn how to do the layering, you can then erase part of the pictures out or make them opaque. Some really neat effects can be obtained.
Sounds like a big job ahead of you, but you are up to it.

Anonymous said...

This photo really peeked my interest!