Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hollow Barn Door

In order to have this look 'right' to me
I had to brighten the red parts and
add the light inside... I did happen to see one
through an open door when
 I went by a while shocked me to see it
as it is always dark looking...all the
colors are dull and middle value in most photos
one might take, which made
 me think...I must  make changes so
 I'll like it--as I've driven by this
place for over 50 years and loved it
 that long, too.

1 comment:

Dan Kent said...

Hi Winna - It's been a long time. I never go to flickr anymore, and should. But then I saw you posted here! Wonderful door - I can see why you've loved it for half a century. I agree about photos - they often even everything out - no value contrast. The addition of the light adds depth and mystery to the picture. I want to enter and see what's up. Nicely done!