Monday, November 11, 2013

Backdoor Shadowplay

Don't forget to left click to see much larger
first there was pencil
then there was ink
then watercolors
This open door with shadows cast from an overhead
awning caught my eye at the old Mordasky
Homestead...the family I married into
eons ago....this back porch always had so many
plants to care for each day and no awning
back then...
Doors are a photo category I
will add to until my cold still
fingers can no longer
click the camera..
 if you scroll way down you see the words "older posts"
and that will take you back for a long ways etc.

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Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

You didn't exactly ask for my advise… but I'm going to give you some anyway…. drop the 823 links to other sites, a new visitor has to wait for all that to load. Add links to a few websites, but keep it short and be brutal, drop people from the list that don't update their blogs often… you want people to visit you and your friends… I bet there are only a few folks in that list of 823 that you know. New visitors don't even see your comment instructions… unless they scroll past all those other websites. I like my blog and I keep both a blogger blog, like yours and a flickr account (and now an ipernity one too). Every time you post to Flickr you should add it here too, in fact some people drive traffic to their blogs on Flickr by posting 'blogged at'.. and the link to their blog where they add additional pictures and info. So that was more than you wanted to know about your blog… your art is fabulous and I love it… you need no advise from me on that.

winna said...

Capt....I just removed all I think I should---the rest of the things I like to see---I had forgotten about quite a few of them...I want them there for the record etc. I'm going to do that "blogged at" bit on my flickr site more often. I appreciate your cluing me in and love to hear from you !!!

VivJM said...

I like your watercolour a lot and enjoyed seeing the "before" pencil/ink drawing too.

Monique said...

So glad to know of this blog, Winna! I'm going to stroll through at my ease, a nice activity for an bleak November afternoon. But I hope you keep up with your Flickr account as well, as I visit Flickr a lot more often than I check blogs.
Love the shadowplay, it's really beautiful.

Jane said...

I love both the drawings on this post, and one day when I have more time I'll come back and browse through those older posts too. Inspiring art work, thanks for sharing it.

Kate Burroughs said...

Your back door turned out lovely.

Deborah said...

My first visit into your sketch world and I am buying a return ticket. I really like your style. Your colors are so inviting.