Friday, July 3, 2009

"The Talk"

I think this is the last chance to

upload for a Kate's final 6th

class photo--I may be wrong--

For the class I added the words...

but for a painting

I would leave them out and

concentrate on the Post Office

building's details more

It appears

in my mind at odd moments

and there's no reason I

know of for that

---but there must be.


Anonymous said...

Is that the director and Bruce talking over the next scene in the new Die Hard movie??

Alex said...

Awesome piece!

Dan Kent said...

This is beautiful and so well done, as always. I have edited my post to add the word "traditional" to make it clear that I value your works, and other ink and watercolor works as much as (and often more than) traditional works. It depends on the artist and art. I hope you took no offense at my reference to "serious" art - certainly none was intended. The title of the post remains the same since I cannot say, "But Traditionally, Folks.":)

sddonlon said...

Hi Winna!!
Of all your spectactacular art, I think I love your journal spreads the most. What do you use to get the black background? Ink? Also, looks like you sponge or wipe a brownish color in some of your journal spreads... what do you use for that??
Thank you for so many wonderful works of art!!