Thursday, July 2, 2009

'Hang Six " ( Insect)

Part of the last class mixed media

pages. I added rubber stamped

lettering to the regular supplies I prefer.

The background yellows represent sunrise,

at the time this happened--but I think

this guy was still sleeping as

he stayed there quite awhile

You see his underneath as he hangs

on somehow and that's me not

dressed yet--just out in the kitchen

to make coffee.


nanke's stuff said...

Very cool! I love the sunny background and the words around the edge!

Sandy said...

Ah it is the little things in life that give us wonder and thankfully he is Outside !! Great page Winna, I love Mornings and Coffee (not bugs) have a great 4th!!!

Gina said...

Love this! The caption is too funny :)

Anonymous said...

You just continually surprise and inspire. Wonderful, rich images and angles and humor too. Thank you for it all.

Anonymous said...

Lovely start to the day! (And how neat and level your letter stamping is!)

Lindart said...

I love the addition of stamping to this page (I am a stamper!). I always love the little word/speech boxes you do on your pages! I can just see you telling the bug not to go anywhere!