Friday, August 29, 2008

Not easy to pose puppies

"We help out a lady with shots
for the puppies and the spaying of the Mom.
They paged me to
"bring your camera and come to the clinic"
Two girls helped with the set up.
Then.....the pups went home. " Sumner


Anonymous said...

Is it true you're shutting this Blog down? I hope not. I like to see it each day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, pretty soon, as it's like saying something to somebody and they have no response, but a silent stoney stare. I will keep up pages to complete the full year just for myself to print and put in the albums...Jill

Anonymous said...

I will surely miss reading it! I hope you will re-consider.

Amber said...

I bet that was hard :) I can't even get Diamond to slow down for a pose nevermind 20 pups :)